Dalibor Bobić

Exor Eti d.o.o.

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 12:30-13:30 2019-10-01
  • Tuesday 14.30-16.30. 2019-10-01
DescriptionExor Eti Ltd. Belgrade is official representative and distributor of well known industrial automation and engineering software and hardware solutions. Some of the most important solutions that we can provide are:
  • zenon Software Platform from Austrian company COPA-DATA GmbH is implemented as automation solution in many different industries in Serbia and the whole region, as energy management system, production line management system, building management system and many other specific solutions.
  • EPLAN Platform for engineering from company EPLAN Software & Services GmbH is global leader in this area. It helps engineers to improve their productivity and automate tasks they need to do more efficiently.
  • HMT-1 device from company Realwear is unique solution for engineers that needs to be supported or to improve learning skills.
  • many more other solutions that can be discussed during our meetings...
Organization Type Company
City Belgrade , Radoja Domanovića 16
Areas of Activities

Agriculture and Food

    Metal processing industry

      Automotive industry parts


          Creative industries